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Linkin Park is my inspiration

Hey there! I'm Kaciekk! Digital and traditional artist. Animator. LP Fangirl and Soldier.Creator of Linkin Pony.
Expect Linkin Park, Ponies, Muse, Sherlock, art, animation, random crap, and maybe 30stm. I'll post and reblog whatever interests me
Aug 22 '14

So I just got ToonBoom yesterday

I better start sketching the storyboard for Guilty All The Same, I need it done for the school showcase(in spring)

Aug 22 '14
Aug 22 '14




Aug 22 '14


Mike and Anna

i absolutely love these two

Aug 21 '14

seeing people who have money or who are lucky enough to go to a M&G, summit or even a concert makes me so sad and jealous, but mainly sad.

I’m broke and have never been lucky

Aug 21 '14

Reblog if a band has made you a happier person.

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Aug 20 '14

I guess I’m being more brave with showing pictures of myself. So I’m taking Compute Graphics this year, and we were told to take pictures of ourselves so we could learn Photoshop. So I like perspective, so I put my hands out, and the first one I photoshoped some energy coming out of my hand

If I had Photoshop at home, I’d be so much more popular and could do cool edits

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Aug 20 '14
Uncle Mikey♥

Uncle Mikey♥

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Aug 20 '14



Chester Bennington + Ice Bucket Challenge

The way Mike holds the girl’s hand just kills me

everything is so lovely

there’s so many things to say about this gifset

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Aug 20 '14

EEEHHH Chester’s kids are so cute

Aug 20 '14

Mike & Anna Shinoda ♥

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Aug 19 '14

I have written many metaphors, and I love them. So far this is my favorite one:

Everypony wanted to get to HyperBlitz, they were a flock of hungry birds trying to get the last piece of bread.

Aug 19 '14

Another year of school to drain away my energy, motivation, creativity and confidence

Aug 19 '14

apparently it’s Aviation day

It’s a good day to be from the city that is the Birth of Aviation

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Aug 19 '14

So since school has started I’ve barely been on the computer

Now there is a spider and it’s web in between the speaker and the monitor.